What is an Individually Guided Retreat?

Peace It is a gentle four or six day time of reflection on scripture and prayer. Participants meet with their guide each day to share their reflection on scripture and how it relates to their life.  No expertise is needed… just a desire to deepen one’s inner life.  It is important to point out that a Individually Guided Retreat is not counselling nor a scripture study group.

Residential Individually Guided Retreat?

(Suggested offering €350)

  May 28th – June 3rd

Alacoque O’Reilly OCDS & Felix Okolo OCD

June 11th -17th

Jennifer McAleer & Eugene McCaffrey OCD

July 16th – 22nd

Christina Gordon OCDS & Vincent O’Hara OCD

July 30 – August 5

Clodagh Plunkett & Noel O’Connor OCD